Relax and Enjoy

My favorite time of year is Autumn.  A busy summer it has been and the beautiful days and cool nights give you time to step back and ponder what you really want to do.  Daylight is becoming less.   I love the feeling of  the Fall.   It’s time to take stock, ponder your winter and  slow down a little.

Grand Haven is THE place to relax and in Grand Haven, it’s the BOYDEN!   Beautiful, comfortable, yummy food, cozy corners and everything you need is close by…park your car and walk….it’s great for you!!!!!

One of the very best things that we have in Grand Haven is “Rosy Mound Natural Park”  and it’s just 1 mile down the road!  A stunning walk thru a natural dune which brings you to a pristine and private Lake Michigan Shoreline.   Stroll or run or jog…exercise is paramount and you feel rejuvenated  as you smell the forest, see the wildlife, not to mention the 400 steps!   Don’t be timid!  You CAN do it!  It’s about a 45 minute exercise.  I once was told that spending 1 hour exercising outdoors is equivalent to 3 hours inside when you look at your “all-over well being”

This is my first entry as you can see and I’ll be adding entries when I can.   I’d love to hear from any of you reading this.

- Gail