Last Minute Special: 6/10-12

Last Minute for the weekend  of 6/10-6/12: we’re offering a $200 rate per night for a three night stay in The Cabaret, The Honeymoon or The Carriage House.  Choose a Jacuzzi Room or choose The Carriage House,  a great space to share with your family.  The Suite has two rooms, enough to be able to spread out.

This weekend we have “The Feast of The Strawberry Moon” an outdoor “happening” on Harbor Island.    You’re brought back to   the Late 1700′s where you’ll be with tradesman and families all  in costume demonstrating and selling their wares.  I feasted on  the most wonderful baked sweet potatoes with melted butter served in foil…delicious.   The food’s great, the crafts are unusual and very nice.    Whether you have children to entertain or just want to wander,  eat and enjoy being outdoor… there’s something for you.

If you get hot  and tired of  roaming around, hail the Harbor Trolley to drop you at the Beach!

And then, of course, four blocks from The Boyden House is Downtown Grand Haven,  with storekeepers that welcome you with  smiling faces.  Dinner and drinks being served in restaurants and at the sidewalk cafe’s.   Wander in and out, enjoy coffee, ice cream or may stop in for a beer at our new tap room, “Oddside Ales”  located at the Piano Factory…a variety of great beer, brewed there, including root beers.  There are board games on hand.   It’s an all-around meeting place for locals and you need to know about it!

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