Enjoy an Evening on the town!

What a wonderful way to spend an evening out on the town!

Seven Steps Up in Spring Lake, MI presents:

Enter The Haggis, takes the stage for a Pin Drop Concert in Spring Lake on Friday, August 31st.  Formed in 1996, Enter The Haggis fuses Celtic music, bluegrass and rock with elements of Latin, blues and funk.

A Toronto roots rock band ETH is at the heart of a true grassroots success story, and never has this been more evident than with the group’s latest release, Whitelake. Recorded at a rustic cottage surrounded by Canada’s picturesque landscape, and funded entirely through the generous contributions of loyal fans, Whitelake occupies a musical space that lies somewhere between the fiercely creative and contemporary soundscapes of Radiohead, and the heartfelt story telling and infectious grooves of The Band.

Five albums and a decade on the road have seen Enter The Haggis evolve from wildly popular local band to established international touring act. Their formula for success has been a simple one: record great music, back it up with inspired live performances, and tour constantly. It’s this uncompromising commitment to their music and fans that has seen the band garner top ten charting positions on Billboard, Amazon, and ITunes; major television appearances such as A&E’s Breakfast with the Arts and Live with Regis and Kelly; and their very own PBS special.